End of Life Supportive Alliance (ELSA)

End of Life Supportive Alliance (ELSA)

End of Life Supportive Alliance (ELSA) End of Life Supportive Alliance (ELSA) End of Life Supportive Alliance (ELSA)

Support at every stage of life . Supporting individuals, families to find peace in the midst of the most difficult transition

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What is an End of Life/Transitional Counsellor?

A end of life/transitional counsellor is part of a multi-disciplinary team trained to offer emotional, social, educational and spiritual support during terminal illness, death, active dying and beyond (families, friends).


What is a Palliative Care Team

 Palliative care is provided by a team of healthcare professionals with a range of skills to help you manage your life-limiting illness. Your palliative care team works together to meet your physical, psychological, social, spiritual and cultural needs and also helps your family and carers

Fatal diagnosis
End of Life

Just received a fatal diagnosis?

End of life does not mean the end , this is the beginning of a new journey. It might not be the easiest or the kindest but you are not alone. Contact us and let's see how we can assist you and your family. We can provide you with a specialized counsellor who can walk you through this period.

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Become an End of Life Counsellor!

If you have the desire, passion and will to in this very sacred space of supporting those who are terminally ill in the areas of psychological,emotional and spiritual support, reach out and we will help guide you towards obtaining the skills


Want to be part of the EOL movement?

We are always looking for others who work in this area to refer to for specialized services for our clients and their families. Collaboration is key to ensuring all our client's needs are met  as we support through death and dying, at the end of life.

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