End of Life Supportive Alliance (ELSA)


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End of Life Practitioner
End of Life Doula
End of Life Counsellor

What are End of Life Practitioners?

End of Life Practitioners are non-medical members of the palliative multi disciplinary teams. They are well trained, skilled and informed and there are many types. 

ELSA supports End of Life Companions (Doulas), End of Life Counselors, Perinatal Bereavement Facilitators and Transitional Coaches. EOLPs support in non medical and non clinical ways in order to assist individuals and families through the emotional, spiritual and psychological changes that come with the process of facing death, and dying.

 The process of support from fatal diagnosis to the active dying phase and beyond requires a team and collaborative effort, and ELSA is very supportive of these joint opportunities to service our communities and the amazing people that invite us into these very precious final journeys

End of Life Companion


End of Life Companions, also commonly known as Death Doulas, accompany the dying through the period of preparation, readiness and during the active dying stage.

Are you already a EOL Companion looking to join ELSA? Apply now.

End of Life Counsellor


End of Life Counselors are certified counselors with professional bodies in South Africa, and are legally allowed to provide counselling. They specialize in the area of fatal diagnosis, facing death, grief, trauma and bereavement. End of Life Counsellors also offer family counselling to ensure that the impact of long term illness or sudden death is dealt  with as it occurs within the family.



Transitional coaches guide and support individuals after loss and/or recovery. They work with individuals who have undergone major changes to help them transition into the next stage of their plans

EOL Allied Professionals


We are always looking for others who work in this area to refer to for specialized services for our clients and their families. Collaboration is key to ensuring all our client's needs are met  as we support through death and dying, at the end of life. If you are a Palliative Care specialist currently active in this space and would like to make contact, please reach out out to us! We believe in teams!