We are so happy that you are reading this. We know how amazing it is to belong to a community of life minded individuals all passionate about the same thing. The topic of death and dying is usually TABOO, and therefore most of us have walked around with a yearning and deep desire to work in this area, but we did not have the support of others who had taken these steps before. Well, you have found a place that does just what and we are SO excited for you - and for us!!!



All our amazing active members enjoy the following benefits because we believe you offer skills that are absolutely essential in the space of facing death, and dying:

  • Belonging to a community of like-minded people with a common purpose
  • Listing on the ELSA Directory with      link back to own social media platform
  • A quarterly newsletter 
  • First to know industry specific information
  • Member only invites to monthly open spaces      and interactive forums
  • ELSA logo badge (electronic) for your written materials & social media platforms
  • Access to member only quarterly group debriefing      sessions
  • Access      to our Facebook, Linkedlin and Instagram posts
  • First to know access to new training      releases offered by our preferred providers

Apply to ELSA

What's the process?


If you are considering becoming a member, please note the following

  1. Please read over the ELSA Mission Vision, and Values 
  2. Please read the ELSA Promise Statement
  3. Review the designations above & collect  & list all training certificates & experience pertaining to that designation      
  4. Fill out the digital registration form by pressing the APPY to ELSA button below
  5. Allow 7 days for feedback and allocation of your ELSA appointed rep who will personally handle your application
  6. Once you receive feedback, please respond within 7 days
  7. Your membership runs from May – May, and renewals      are needed yearly


As members of ELSA we commit to: 

1. First do no harm, and do not actively encourage harm or hastening of any natural processes

2. Working ethically and transparently

3. Offering non-medical and non-clinical support to clients and their families

4. Working alongside teams to ensure our skills are used to fill gaps, not create them

5. Work within the scope and guidelines provided by the professional bodies we are registered with

6. Value teamwork and embrace diversity and difference of opinion

7. Offer nonjudgmental and noninvasive sessions that seek to inform & comfort

8. Seeing the role of the EOLP in the EOL space & acknowledging that it is part of an eco-system that already exists

9. Taking accountability for actions and decisions

10. Developing  and expanding knowledge by partaking in trainings or interventions that seek to educate and empower

11. Maintaining the certifications that led to ELSA registration

12. Informing ELSA of any changes in professional standing 

13. Informing ELSA of any occurrences that might negatively affect the reputation of ELSA

14. Uphold the standards in place when dealing with the public and other professionals whilst on social media

EOLPs who are registered with multiple professional bodies

We understand and celebrate the fact the ELSA EOLPs are extremely skilled and educated and will therefore utilize all their acquired knowledge, skills and life experience to support their clients and teams. 

However, it is important to take accountability for the confusion this might cause a client 

e.g. An EOL companion/doula is not a trained counsellor and cannot therefore offer counselling to a family. If there is an EOL counsellor who is also a EOL Companion (Doula), they will need to ensure the family is aware of the multiple services they offer. Contracts must be clear and explicit as to what is provided, what is not, and that the practitioner is legally able to offer those services. Where services are not regulated, EOLPs must inform clients of the quality assurance self regulation systems they ascribe to, eg ASCHP, HPCSA, CCSA etc